Visit Old Birmingham Pictures (If you have an old picture, post it!) and A History of Birmingham Churches . . . from A to Y, far from complete, but worth a look.

A History of BIRMINGHAM Places & Placenames . . . from A to Y

From Acoks Green to the Yenton, from Ashstead to Gyrdleahe, from Hasfurlong to Yorks Wood, here is the story of Birmingham's places and placenames from A to Y, many of them dating back over a thousand years. Here are their meanings and a history of their localities. There are suggested places to visit and sights to see, historical overviews, a glossary with local examples and a very extensive list of weblinks.

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All pages have interactive Google Maps with Street View. If you lose the original focus of the map, press function key F5 on your keyboard to refresh. The map will recentre on its original location. This map will give driving directions to Birmingham City Centre. Press F5 to clear.


Many pages link to the 1921 Ordnance Survey Popular Edition maps on Andrew Rowbottom's Old Ordnance Survey Maps website.


For a map showing sites listed in the Birmingham Historic Environment Record see Birmingham City Council's Archaeology in Birmingham page -


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A great way to see the City! - Get Walking Keep Walking is a Ramblers project with some 50 Birmingham walks each with a downloadable route card - There is a map with very clear instructions and information about things to look out for en route of geographical and historical interest. Or you can join Ramblers volunteers and be taken for a walk. See also Ted & Jen's GWKW routes and pictures on flickr -


You might also be interested in Roy Watson's Birmingham Cycling Greenways website, not a history site but it definitely has historical leanings -